Do you wish that you had time to share more with your community?

Would it be nice to have your own short high quality video to send out on WhatsApp regularly without having to produce it?

Now, you can have a professionally recorded short video delivering chassidus in the language your community speaks every week without having to prepare, record, or edit. You will be able to send your community something that will introduce chassidus into their week connecting and inspiring them.

Here is a taste
(last week's video, new video coming soon...)

Making authentic true-to-text chassidus accessible is what I do, and I want to put it to work for you.

You can have a new 2-minute video (like the one on this page) every week, with your branding and your own personal message at the end, so when you send the video out it will be coming from you, brought to your community by you.

Short videos can really get around on Whatsapp and can also be powerful tools for connecting with new Yidden.

For more about receiving a weekly customized video for about $20 per week, enter your email address below, you will not be signed up for any emails unrelated to this product.